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My story

Hello! I am Ryan Jeearry and
I am a Wellbeing Coach. 

I help corporate professionals feeling overwhelmed
to create a balanced lifestyle and live a more fulfilling life.

Growing up, I studied hard in school to eventually land my dream job in the corporate world. I worked for some of the UK’s biggest companies and thought I had conquered life.

Turned out I was chasing the wrong dream. I was so unfulfilled in my roles and suffered from burnout. Other areas of my life soon became overwhelming. I fell into depression (something I was reluctant to admit) and felt disconnected from the world.

After years of battling with my emotions, I immersed myself onto a journey of personal development. My mental, physical and emotional health became my priority. With the help of therapy and coaching, I slowly regained balance and control of my life. I have read hundreds of self-help books and enrolled onto various courses.

I discovered my mission and purpose in life, which is to serve people. It truly gives me genuine pleasure and ultimate fulfilment. Now, I am living a happy, well-balanced life and ready to help transform the lives of others.

Live. Live life to the fullest. Don’t just survive

Seek discomfort


Spread happiness everywhere I go

Be grateful for my blessings every day

Learn, and never cease to grow


Mauritius is my home, with London being my residency for the last 16 years. I am a proud corporate dropout with 7 years of experience across Finance and Consulting roles within the Financial Services and Tech industries. I earned my Accreditation Coach status with The Coaching Masters school.

My hobbies include dancing salsa, going to the gym, playing sports, board games nights, reading self-help books and practising self-care activities.

My peers describe me as a calming presence, a trusted thinking partner with a non-judgemental approach and, a thoughtful and caring person with a ‘zen’ energy. Ok fine, they have not used those exact words but I’m sure they would validate them!

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